What is Split Leather? Meaning | Split Leather Vs Top Grain Leather

Split leather is produced by splitting a hide from its thickness to make it thinner, softer, and suppler. This is done by splitting the fibrous material from the grain side of the hide. Furthermore, it results in an improvement in strength, softness, and flexibility.

Split leather is usually not used for the production of high-end garments. Although they work well for shoes, bags, and gloves, the fibers are too short and do not lend well to forming finished leather. For in-depth detail of what split leather is? Keep reading below:

What is Split Leather Meaning?  

The split leather in our collection is also referred to as corrected or laminated leather. This high-quality semi-aniline leather has a unique appearance that will naturally patina with age and develop a beautiful shine. Split leather, mainly cow leather, is made into two or four layers over the surface.

The process of dividing a skin into multiple layers across its entire surface is known as “split cowhide leather.” Split leather is 5 to 10 mm thick and primarily cow leather. The resulting layers are known as grain split, top-grain split, or flesh split.

Drop split refers to the split that is distinct from the grain split. The drop-split leather is scratchy both on sides, just like a leather’s backside. When the leather is thick enough, a central split is possible. Leather splits are processed leather, which is typically wider it will appear on some animal leathers. 

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How Market Defines that what is Split Grain Leather?

The split leather definition can be a little more challenging to work with. Still, it has some unique characteristics that make it worth the challenge. Its delicate surface won’t take a high shine, but it can be treated with a water-resistant sealant. Split leather is less expensive than top grain, and it also has a rougher surface.

Split Grain leather is harvested from the bottom layer of the hide. The top grain leather has been removed, and it retains its natural, rugged appearance. It can incorporate imperfections like scars and marks. Split grain leather uses the lower part of the hide, which is split into two parts. Plus, it is economical leather that allows us to keep our prices down.

Split grain is a category of leather made from the leftover parts of a hide after the top-grain split from the bottom-grain removed. The whole surface of the lower leather is split from the original skin. 

Split leather vs. Top Grain Leather

Let have a study about Split leather vs. top grain leather.

Split grain leather and full-grain leather sound similar, and probably both feel comfortable when you sit on them. The difference is in their manufacturing processes. On the other hand, Top-grain leather is of the best quality.

Moreover, split-grain leather is of lower quality. This lesser grade is pressed together to simulate the look of high-quality leather. Top grain leather is created from the topmost section of the hide. It is very durable but often has a surface texture that some people don’t appreciate. Sanding can reduce this effect.

The most significant difference between top grain and split-grain leather is how each is treated and finished. Split leather is a bit cheaper and comes from the bottom layer of the hide; it’s often used when creating vests, wallets, or cases.

In addition, Top-grain leather is usually thinner or thicker due to the number of applications used in its production. It will feature fewer grain flaws than split grain. Today, both types of leather are commonly treated with scotch guarding and various other protective coatings to protect them from stains.

Applications for Split Leather

🌟 Leather furniture

In the lower price range of leather furniture, better leather is treated for the surface contact (backs, seats, armrests). While coated split or counterfeit leather is being used for the rest (outer part, rear of the decor). In the low price range, the coated split is occasionally used to cover the entire piece of furniture.

Typically, such leather is only referred to as “genuine leather” or similar words. Such furniture has a shortened life expectancy and in some countries. If this occurs during the guarantee term, a successful compensation claim can be made.

🌟 Clothing made of leather

Pork split and goat suede are quite common in the garment industry. Pig leather is often stiffer and less tear-resistant than goat suede. As a result, pig leather is generally utilized for low-cost leather garments.

🌟Shoes made of leather

Split leather is extensively utilized in the shoe industry for sneakers and sports shoes due to its permeability.

🌟Leather for automobiles

Even the luxury and low-end vehicle industry is increasingly using coated or textured split leather on lowland areas without the need for a matching statement. The consumer pays a hefty price for a high-quality “leather interior” or “complete leather trim.” Although no manufacture gives information regarding processed split leather in their automobiles, split leather specialists do.


a. Is split leather good quality?

Only the finest quality split leathers are selected for use in our products. Split leather is used to construct a bag because it is supple, pliable, and has a beautiful texture.  Such split leathers then appear to be regular top grain leathers. The quality is low because the fiber structure of split cowhide is not as strong as that of top grain leather.

The topical finish conceals scratches and low quality, which can be found structurally to the rear of the bend. The split layer itself might be rough and thick if it was initially made from a thick hide.

b. Is split leather considered real leather?

Genuine leather is often a split grain or bonded substance that is also known as Real Leather. Split or genuine leather is frequently imprinted with a leather grain. But has a synthetic layer put to the top? Suede is also made from split leather.

c. Is split leather cheap?

Split leather is being used to manufacture less expensive leather garments. Since it retains the real feel but is a cheaper cut of leather. Because of its weaker fiber structure, it is much more prone to tearing. And the top coating can dissolve when in touch with skin and hair. Damages to split leather are difficult to fix.

d. Is Split grain leather durable?

Split leather is a type of leather fiber that has been separated from the top side. It is the part of the hide that has been split to remove it. Split grain leather will be the next quality level down. Moreover, it is not exceptionally long-lasting or of high quality in terms of leather. Strips of it are frequently mashed together just to simulate the toughness of higher-quality leather.

Final words:

Split grain leather is an affordable alternative to top grain leather. It is very durable, soft, and wears beautifully over time. Some of the most notable differences between these leathers are that split-grain lacks the inconsistencies of top grain.

Furthermore, it can make it look like part of the natural character has been removed. Additionally, Split grain leather actually provides a more consistent look than top grain. It also has a flat appearance but may display some slight undulations, particularly around edges with once more thickness.

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