What is Saffiano Leather? Crosshatched | Handbag | Cleaner | Coating

Soft Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather is a compressed leather design. Furthermore, it creates by compressing a plan into the texture of the leather and then covering it with waterproof polish. Its’s unique style is a crosshatched structure of increased, dotted lines. Saffiano leather has a firm quality that is scratch-resistant, making it ideal for regular usage.

Moreover, the kind of fabric that has been processed and designed on its base imprint into the leather’s outermost layer. It is commonly performed with huge metal pieces that exert a lot of force. So, after being crushed, the leather might have extra coatings applied to that during the polish process.

Saffiano Leather

These coats can be helpful to paint or protect surfaces. Furthermore, the original Saffiano leather was made up of the calf and had a wax-like sheen.  Composites and plastic coatings may now be used to make modern Saffiano leathers. The consistency of these varies greatly.

Furthermore, the minor scrapes are rarely apparent. When related to other leathers, Saffiano leather is waterproof. This kind of leather needs little care and is quite simple to clean. Plenty of the time, a clear, wet brush will be enough.

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The wax coating is durable, allowing purses and clutches to survive regular damage. Additionally, this is rarely cracking. Also may weaken with time and overuse.

Crosshatched Leather

It’s made up of leather which usually uses cow material. Also, process with the help of a machine and produce a new design. Furthermore, with the help of wax coating, this material becomes finished. So, the result is a scratch-proof material. Thus, this material has become more stable and straightforward to wash.

Saffiano Leather Handbag:

saffiano leather Handbag

For the formation of designer bags and purses, most commonly, this leather uses. So, because of its unique processing, it gains attention. Bags and purses that expose to abrasion throughout the day will look better and last longer. And this is because of the surface and polishes which coat on bags.  Saffiano leather may also be useful to create more giant bags and baggage.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, microwaves, or other thermal processes for an extended time. Prolonged exposure to intense heat may cause the leather to crack. Finally, if you keep your Saffiano bag for an extended length of time, you pack it to maintain its design.

The primary disadvantage of Saffiano leather is, without a doubt, its high price. It varies as per the brand and the materials used. Still, a decent Saffiano leather will be pretty costly if you see this kind of leather for a meager cost. Then it is most likely a fraud, a fake, or a suitable constructed with low-quality components.

Saffiano Leather Cleaner

 Saffiano is not only long-lasting but also relatively simple to clean. There are care tags in the bags for the cleaning directions. So, before washing, one must consider those directions. Sometimes bag does not have any care tag. In this case, anyone can try the methods of cleaning given below:

In the situation of minor stains or dust, then use a clean, slightly wet cloth to remove the dust. Baby wipes are a great option because they are so gentle.  Additionally, sometimes there is difficulty in cleaning the dust from the grooms. Then use a soft brush for this purpose. In this way, we can clean the bags easily.

But be sure not to press too hard on the leather since this may damage the leather’s sheer gloss and grain pattern.  Some strains cannot remove easily by the above-given methods of cleaning. Then you need to buy a specific cleaner for this purpose.

Dermo Protect:

This spray has uses as a cleaner of the Saffiano leather. It has a property to protect a handbag and also water-base. The strains, liquids, ink, dye transfer, oil, and sunlight damage can be recovered by this spray.

Method of usage

  • Apply a thin layer appropriately onto a cleaned, lint-free cloth.
  • Perform a test on an invisible location, such as the bottom or interior.
  • Wipe one panel at a time.
  • Allow airing dry

Use frequently to provide optimal stain guard prevention.

What is Saffiano Leather made of?

Saffiano leather produces from the old method from the calfskin. Calfskin, a yound cow animal.. This leather has layers of different materials. Generally, calfskin leather, polymers, and waxes are useful to make this saffiano leather.  In some types, the saffiano leather composed totally with the plastic

The Saffiano leather produces traditionally by using saffiano design onto calfskin (leather from young cows). Additionally, this is smooth and soft leather. It would go perfectly with the imprinted texture.

A finishing coating, often a wax mixture, would be placed on top of the design. This wax finishing provides the leather with a safety layer. And this keeps leather in good condition. It also protects the leather from scratches and makes it resistant to water.

Saffiano Leather with Plastic Coating

Coating Polyurethane (PU) or Polyvinylchloride (PVC) plastic is useful to produce leather. The plastic layer applies to the layer’s surface and is then printed. Then, it compressed the pattern/texture into the plastic. If anybody wants to use finish, then he can do this.

With this situation, the leather’s surface becomes invisible and covered in plastic. As a result, split leather with surface defects or visible discolorations might function OK here because the leather can never be visible.

Another method of making leather that completely bases on plastic. That type of leather makes from Polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. The plastic material in this example has enough length to create the sides of a bag. The Saffiano texture pushes into the plastic, and if required, a finishing coat is a place. In this procedure, no leather uses at all; everything through up of plastic.


1. Is Saffiano leather good quality?

There are many qualities like water prof, sun protects, scratch-resistant which are only wish of other leathers. The finish does much more than reserve the object; it also offers a unique brightness and allows for any shade. To add it all off, it is straightforward to maintain appropriately. All of these features make it excellent for regular usage.

Moreover, it’s effortless to clean because of its waxy sheen. Some leathers must be adequately prepared, clean, and conditioned. Furthermore, typically wash with a moist towel. Also, if required, use a professional Saffiano leather cleaner.

2. Is Kate Spade Saffiano leather genuine leather?

Many Kate Spade goods are built with a waterproof and scratch-proof outer composite material, Saffiano leather. Also, which is hard to crack or even become dirty – a feature that will create a lasting.

3. Is Saffiano leather soft or hard?

It is hardy and easy-to-clean leather. This is why most high-end manufacturers choose this leather in their in-house leather manufacturing. It has hard-wearing and somehow rigid properties than others, but still, it has some softness.

4. What is Saffiano Prada leather made of?

The founder of the well-known Italian fashion brand Mario Prada gives an idea of this. Prada designed the diagonal and crosshatch design used to make Saffiano leather when treated to full grain calf leather.  So, Saffiano Prada leather manufactures from ‘full-grain calf leather.’ It becomes ideal for creating luxury goods, most notably purses, wallets, and now, our luxury leather watch roll.

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