What is Microfiber Leather? Microfiber Leather Vs Real Leather

What is Microfiber Leather? With advancements in synthetic textiles and increased support for ethical animal treatment, it’s no wonder that the quantity and quality of leather replacements are improving. In this regard, Microfiber leather is a modern invention well-known for its durability. The problem is whether that reputation justifies and microfiber fits in with genuine leather and traditional choices.

So, these sorts of issues may arise in mind. We have brought a detailed article about what is microfiber leather. In this article, we provide you with information that tells us how microfiber leather is different from other types of leather. So have a look at this article; many exciting things are waiting for you down here. 

Is Microfiber Leather Real Leather?

Synthetic leathers have been regarded as a farce for many years. Just by looking at them, you would tell they were fakes. They didn’t resemble, smell like, or feel like animal skin. Because of the increasing requirements of synthetics, many methods are devising to increase this. They have now developed the most excellent synthetic leather, microfiber leather. Check the difference between What is PU Leather and What is eco Leather and What is Bovine Leather?

Other synthetics begin when you put down fabric strips and, after this, cover them with polyurethane resin. Microfiber leather starts with a carpet of synthetic fibers. But it that have been woven together and held together with polyurethane.

As wonderful as it is in general, keep in mind that some microfibers are superior to others. If possible, examine the cloth from both sides. The more difficult it is to tell it apart from leather, the greater the quality.

Microfiber Leather for Shoes

Have you been looking for a pair of synthetic leather shoes that are lightweight, comfy, breathable, and reasonably priced? Your option is to get a pair of dependable microfiber leather shoes for your feet. The nicest part about these microfiber leather boots or shoes is their lightness, comfort, and low price.

The microfiber shoes are mainly construction of microfiber leather. It’s a specific form of artificial leather or synthetic leather. These shoe builts are mainly of a microfiber non-woven fabric. However, these have a covering and a layer of high-performance polyurethane resins.

The benefit of using Microfiber Leather for Shoes

In these categories of shoes, the top, insole, and lining are all constructed of microfiber leather material.

🌟 Cost-efficient

Microfiber leather manufactures in the shape of a roll, which allows for consistent quality while reducing waste by up to 90%.

🌟 lightweight

Because microfiber leather fabric is lighter than real leather, shoes that create from it are more comfortable.

🌟 Performance

Synthetic leather is more long-lasting, wear- and age-resistant than its natural alternative.

🌟 Cost

The cost of producing microfiber leather is less than that of real leather and suede.

Microfiber leather vs. real leather

There is a bit of difference between real leather and microfiber leather. Here are some of the points that will elaborate on some of the differences between real and microfiber leather.

  • Microfiber leather is high-quality synthetic suede leather. However, it completely simulates real leather characteristics such as hand feeling, breathability, and wettability, among others.
  • Microfiber beats genuine leather in terms of chemically and resistance to abrasion, anti-crease, and aging resistance, among other things.
  • Because real leather is made from animal skin, it has an unusual odor. Suppose the levels of formaldehyde and heavy metals in the manufacturing process exceed the limits. Hence, the resulting genuine leather generally has a strong odor. The microfiber, on the other hand, is anti-odor.
  • Based on the distribution of quality on natural hide, the amount of useable leather is only approximately 60 to 80 percent. However, microfiber does not restrict by this; it creates roll form, and its quality is highly constant.

All of these listed points will help you to develop the concept that both of these leathers have a few differences. Based on these minute differences, both of these leathers regard as different leathers for their applicability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is microfiber leather better than leather?

Microfiber leather is synthetic leather composed. However, this leather is the most recent and most acceptable quality form of synthetic leather in the business.

Microfiber is significantly more challenging and less immune to damage. Moreover, it resembles the look and feels of genuine leather. Conventional polyurethane leather is immediately apparent as a forgery. Both of them are vegan.

Does microfiber leather crack?

Under normal conditions, microfiber leather will not fracture. Microfiber leather is often challenging to stain and difficult to crack. Microfiber leather is sometimes known as “microfiber reinforce leather.” It possesses good wear resistance, outstanding ventilation, age resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility.

When using microfiber leather items, if the surface is unclean, it may be washed with high-grade gasoline or freshwater. Still, it must not be cleansed with other chemical reagents or alkaline chemicals to prevent integrity damage.

What is the difference between microfiber and PU leather?

Ordinary PU constructs from knitted, woven, or a piece of nonwoven fabric with a coating of polyurethane resin. The foundation fabric for the microfiber leather is a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional structure that treats with high-performance polyurethane resin.

Is microfiber leather waterproof?

Real leather is water-resistant in the same manner as your skin is. However, microfiber leather is significantly more resistant to water than traditional leather. Microfiber leather is water-resistant on its own. That implies it will withstand water, and the microscopic pores of microfiber will withstand it admirably.

The good news is that it, like other textiles, can be efficiently waterproofed with the correct materials. However, several spray-on treatments are available that may plug those holes and make microfiber even more waterproof.


Microfiber is one of the most exciting revolutions made in the leather industry. Therefore, while keeping in mind the rising demands of the users, the experts have synthesized this ideal microfiber leather with enhanced properties.

According to our experts, leather users must now look forward to this synthetic leather in the place of genuine leather. Definitely, we assure you; you will not regret your decision. 

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